Your donations help fund our programmes to inspire and empower young people. As part of our new galleries project, 553 young people from 18 local schools and colleges within the Royal Borough of Greenwich participated in Your Future in Place, a programme created to introduce young people from non-traditional backgrounds to the opportunities available in the museum sector.

The money raised for our new galleries has also helped to turn the Museum into a community space. As part of the co-curation projects in our new galleries at National Maritime Museum which worked with local groups, almost 400 people took part in community hosted sessions at the Museum. This enabled them to gain a deeper understanding of the collection and created an increased sense of ownership by the local community.

Donations to the Cutty Sark school programme mean that we are able to offer free visits for state-funded schools in Greenwich and for underprivileged school children in South East London, engaging young children with subjects such as history, science, geography, art, literacy, drama, dance and music through the lens of the ship’s adventurous and exciting history.

Donations have also helped us reach non-traditional audiences outside the Museum, and helped us fund our ‘Travellers’ Tales’ pop-up Museum in Lewisham shopping centre. 18,000 people visited the pop-up to participate in various activities based around Stubbs’ paintings of a kangaroo and dingo.

Your support helps us to reach people across South East London, and ensure that the Museum remains a place for everyone.

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