Catherine's Cutty Sark Marathon

catherine swales

Cutty Sark is 150 this year - it is an amazing piece of London heritage and the Cutty Sark London Marathon team is raising essential funds for the ship’s future.

Frances's Cutty Sark Marathon

Frances Maynard

Built in 1869 (a grand age of 150 years) the Cutty Sark is an iconic London landmark.. but she relies on donations to keep her “afloat” and continue to educate visitors from all around the world.

Danny’s Cutty Sark Marathon

Danny Vidgen

Royal Museums Greenwich are celebrating 150 years of the Cutty Sark clipper. This amazing organisation has done a fantastic job creating an award winning attraction for all to enjoy since the devastating fire of 2007.

Sarah Foster’s London Marathon 2019 fundraising page

Sarah Foster

I love Greenwich! My home now for 15 years. I’ve spent much of that time in the Royal museums and my two young children love spending time in them but mostly on the deck of the Cutty Sark!

Running for Cutty Sark 150

Richard Hughes

I'm running the London Marathon for the Cutty Sark - one of the iconic sights on the marathon route.

Adie's Cutty Sark 150th Birthday Half Marathon Fundraiser!

Adie Lawson

Cutty Sark is a national and maritime icon and needs the funding to keep it in ship shape.

Running for a future

Marianne Wright

I am running the Vitality Big Half to raise funds for Cutty Sark in its 150th year. This national icon is a huge part of the Greenwich community and its rich maritime heritage. Like many people, she's seen a lot, been through a lot and survived - so lets keep her going to inspire future generations.

Anchors Aweigh!

James Eatock

Given the age of the ship it is in constant need of care. I am running the Vitality Big Half to raise money for the ship; to ensure that this piece of British history is not lost to the ravages of time. Now, I'm no athlete, and haven't run a lengthy distance in...decades

Anna and Max do a big run

Annamaria Bunn

The money we raise will go towards a sustainable future for the Cutty Sark at Royal Museums Greenwich, including the ongoing preservation of this historic vessel.

Rebecca's Running a Half Marathon!

Rebecca Cohen

I am running the Vitality Big Half to raise funds for the Cutty Sark in its 150th year.