We are proud to have been able to help our local hospitals and Ambulance services. In light of the shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) for the UK's care workers and NHS staff, our conservation team became aware of the London Ambulance Service’s appeal for any spare PPE (nitrile gloves and masks) that could be be donated to the NHS. Our conservation team regularly uses these items in their work to protect and conserve the Museums' collections, and so worked together to quickly collect stock from across the conservation studios, from the Cutty Sark to the Prince Philip Maritime Collection Centre. Our staff took these supplies to our nearest hospital, Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Greenwich. The hospital were so grateful for the quantity of supplies we were able to collect and donate to them. We have since shared this initiative with other museums and galleries in the UK, and many have followed suit.

Further to our support of our local NHS, Royal Museums Greenwich received a request from the local Blackheath Brain Injury Rehabilitation Centre.  Many of their patients visit the Museum regularly and particularly the Royal Observatory during their rehabilitation. They were struggling with cleaning materials due to problems with supply.  Our cleaning team reviewed our supply, now that we are closed, and were able to share: 10 litres of bleach, 10 litres of pine disinfectant, 5 litres of washing up liquid and 24 packs of towels that we can spare.  The Centre were so pleased that their team came out for a photograph with our staff delivering the items and their Director, John Huntley, called the Museum to thank us all on behalf of his team. 


We are delighted that in these hard times, our staff and supporters continue to astound us with their generosity, and great sense of community. Thank you for your on-going support. 

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