Marianne Wright

I've lived in Greenwich for 11 years now and whilst I tried to leave and did a stint north of the river, Greenwich kept calling me back and feels more like home than home. Its maritime history, watery and open green spaces are the perfect environment for keeping fit both physically and mentally.

Cutty Sark is the gateway to maritime Greenwich - a powerful visual representation of Merchant and Royal Naval history and experience and human endeavour. It is a permanent memorial to the Merchant Navy and those 44,000 sailors who lost their lives in both world wars.

I want to challenge myself to run the Vitality Big Half to see what I'm made of - probably not 150 year old timber but pretty strong stuff nonetheless - and raise money for this historic icon to secure a future for her.

As a Cancer survivor - knowing that I have a gene that increases my risk of the disease, alongside the mental hell you go through when it strikes - running the Vitality Big Half is part of my plan to give myself the best possible chance of a long, healthy and happy life.

Please donate to my challenge!

Marianne Wright