Michael Adamson HELP!

I was asked if I would run the half marathon on the first day of my new job at Royal Museums Greenwich. I couldn't say no but now I actually have to do it!

Please consider donating and sponsoring me on my first ever half marathon and equally supporting a wonderful cause. It might just help me pass my probation too...

Supporting the Cutty Sark:
The Cutty Sark is thought of as one of Britain's best-loved maritime landmarks, the world's sole surviving tea clipper and a monument to the age of sail. Cutty Sark has touched the lives of many along the way and continues to inspire and engage the communities that surround her. Your support will safeguard a secure and sustainable future, in anticipation of fundamental conservation and repair, and allow for a vibrant learning programme which continues to serve families and communities that experience barriers to accessing arts and culture. Michael Adamson