Marianne Wright Exercise is good for the mind and body - and also for our national heritage! 95% of UK imports come by sea and ships like Cutty Sark have played a huge part in our ability to receive goods like tea, coffee, wool and many other items we often take for granted.

Cutty Sark is arguably the most important merchant vessel in the world. Receiving no government funds to keep her from dilapidation, the ship relies solely on donations from the public. For 953 tonnes of iron, teak, Muntz metal and a hull design and sail strength that was innovative for the 19th century, it requires all hands on deck to keep her open and telling stories of life at sea and inspiring future merchant sailors and engineers of the future.

On March 1st I will be running a half marathon in aid of the ship... the very next day I'm off to Wales because I had some crazy idea that I could cycle the Celtic Circle Cycle Trail in 6 days... So yeah... 250 miles of HILLY cycling.

PLEASE consider donating to my challenge in support of this icon!

Money raised through this effort goes directly to the ship, helping to keep her learning programme running, especially for children who experience barriers to accessing arts and culture. Marianne Wright