Lola Rodgers This year I have decided to take on the challenge of running the London marathon to raise money for the Cutty Sark and Royal Museums Greenwich.

I have wanted to run the London marathon for many years, as a result of living by the 6 mile mark as a child and handing out water to the runners every year. I began running with the support of my dad, and ran my first longer race with him in 2017, the Cardiff half marthon. Because of support my dad has given me, I would like to use this opportunity to raise money for this charity which has been so important to my dad's life.

The money will go towards creating a sustainable future for the Cutty Sark, going towards the ongoing preservation of the ship. The Cutty Sark is not only a tourist attraction for Greenwich, benefiting the local community indirectly, but is also used to provide educational talks for local schools and community groups to teach others about the sea and Britain's part in world history. Lola Rodgers