Why Cutty Sark needs you

In 2019 the world famous Cutty Sark is 150 years old. The last of her kind, this iconic record breaking tea clipper is the gateway to ‘Maritime Greenwich’ sharing tales of adventure, international trade and speed at sea.

All too often historic ships reach crisis point before funds are found to repair and restore them. Having acquired Cutty Sark in 2016, Royal Museums Greenwich is committed to ensuring her secure and sustainable future – raising funds now in anticipation of future conservation and repair.

Cutty Sark’s 150th year presents a once in a generation opportunity to launch a fund to safeguard her future for generations to come. Royal Museums Greenwich is launching The Cutty Sark Future Fund to raise £10 million to be used solely for the anticipated major upkeep and maintenance of the ship in the long term.

We need you to help us protect this wonderful local and London icon. There are plenty of ways to get involved.

How can you help? 

Donate directly to the Cutty Sark Future Fund.

The first major project of the Cutty Sark Future Fund is a carving of a brand-new figurehead for the ship. Donate directly towards this project and be a part of Cutty Sark's history.