Begin a special partnership with Royal Museums Greenwich, support our work and enjoy a closer relationship with our experts and collections.

Patrons share our commitment to curiosity, discovery and learning. With a wealth of subjects to interest you, whether you are passionate about maritime history, clocks and horology, fine art, ship models, astronomy or exploration, you will find much to enjoy and fascinate you. Becoming a Patron of Royal Museums Greenwich will enable you to experience more of our sites and collections behind the scenes, whilst generously supporting the care of our collections and beautiful historic buildings.

The partnership between Royal Museums Greenwich and the Patrons’ is strengthened through an exceptional programme of events and opportunities to delve deeper into our collections.

Patrons support and experience the best of our work, celebrate successes, and enable us to share our achievements with the widest possible audiences.

Please join this special group of people, who are committed to the success of our museums, and develop your real and personal connection to Royal Museums Greenwich.

There are two levels with a variety of benefits for you to choose from:

  • Associate Patron £1,500 per year (or £125 per month)
  • Pioneer Patron £5,000+  per year (or £416.66 per month

*Each Patron level is split to include a payment in respect of benefits and a suggested donation on which the Museum can claim Gift Aid (25p for each £1 you donate):

† Pioneer - Minimum value reflects the cost of the benefits value at £650 with a suggested donation from £4,350.
Associate - Minimum value reflects the cost of the benefits value at £500 with a suggested donation from £1,000.

The benefits package at each Patron level can be purchased separately without contribution of the Patron donation. If you wish to purchase one of the benefit packages separately or explore the options available to you, please do get in touch with the Patrons Manager directly.