Built for just 30 years, the remarkable Cutty Sark celebrates her 150th anniversary this year. The last of her kind, this iconic record-breaking clipper is now an award-winning attraction.

Royal Museums Greenwich acquired Cutty Sark in 2016. We are committed to securing her a sustainable future, maintaining her condition, bringing her stories to life for generations to come and continuing our award-winning learning programmes. In this anniversary year we are launching the Cutty Sark Future Fund to make sure we can do just that. 

The first major project for her future is the carving of a brand-new figurehead.

Having been at the bow of the ship with exposure to the elements the ship's current figurehead, known as Nannie, the scantilly-clad witch from Robert Burns's famous poem Tam O'Shanter, has suffered environmental damage and rot. We need to restore and replace her. 

We are hugely excited that the 2019 Appeal will preserve Nannie as part of our collection, and support the research, design and recarving of a brand-new figurehead for the ship.

We need you to be a part of this significant moment in Cutty Sark's history. Please help us by giving generously. 

The Figurehead Appeal is supported by Members and Patrons of Royal Museums Greenwich. Find out more about joining us.