Royal Museums Greenwich, in collaboration with National Museums Northern Ireland, Titanic Belfast and Titanic Foundation Limited have launched a $19.2m bid to save 5,500 artefacts from the Titanic, which were recovered from the seabed by salvors, over the course of seven deep sea expeditions between 1987 and 2004. 

Backed by the National Geographic Society and National Geographic Explorers-at-Large, Dr. Robert Ballard, the famed oceanographer who discovered the RMS Titanic wreck, and James Cameron, film-maker and deep sea explorer, our ambition is to purchase the entirety of the Titanic Artefacts Collection and bring them home to the UK and Ireland. The unique collaboration aims to protect, preserve and unite all the artefacts, which are currently at risk of being split up and sold.

We need your help to save this collection and protect it for the nation.

James Cameron, director of the Academy Award-winning 1997 movie TITANIC and National Geographic Explorer-at-Large: 

“The sinking of the Titanic was a heart-breaking moment in history. Securing the irreplaceable collection of artefacts—protecting and preserving them for future generations by placing them in the public trust—is a unique and important opportunity to honour the 1,503 passengers and crew who died.” 

The campaign also has the support of the National Geographic Society, which has built a legacy of ground breaking research, exploration, education and storytelling dedicated to the Titanic disaster. 

National Geographic Society's Interim President and CEO Michael L Ulica: 

“The Titanic disaster was an unprecedented tragedy that captivated the world and still resonates with many people today. The repatriation of the shipwreck's artefacts presents an historic opportunity to honour the Titanic's lasting legacy and the memories of all who perished.” 

The National Geographic Society have pledged $500,000 towards the campaign to acquire the Titanic Artefact Collection.

As the first private donor to contribute to this effort, National Geographic is excited to be part of this latest chapter of the Titanic’s history and to support the initiative to bring these artefacts home.”

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