An amazing discovery has been uncovered in our collection and we need your help.

A long-lost portrait by the acclaimed 18th-century painter Thomas Gainsborough has been discovered in Royal Museums Greenwich’s collections. The painting, one of the finest surviving examples of Gainsborough’s naval portraits, depicts Captain Frederick Cornewall. 

But this masterpiece needs your support. 

The painting requires urgent conservation to safeguard its future and restore the vibrancy of Gainsborough’s original brushwork. We’re aiming to raise £60,000 in order to fund the conservation and put the painting on public display in the Queen’s House. 

Help put this forgotten masterpiece back in the spotlight. 

Rewards for donors

Donate £1,000 plus: Experience a behind-the scenes visit to our painting studio, where the conservation will take place, alongside the lead conservator and curator.

Donate £500–£999: A visit to the portrait on display at the Queen’s House, with a talk on the discovery of the portrait from the lead curator.

Donate £50 plus: An invitation to a special talk with a curator